Principal Class

Principals at all stages of their careers - from Assistant Principals and New and Early Stage Principals to Experienced Principals and System Leaders.

​​​​Assistant Principals

Assistant Principals play significant leadership roles in schools, taking on primary responsibility for the management of important areas or functions within the school. Some assistant principals regard the role as a career position while others see it as a means of advancement towards principalship.

New and Early Stage Principals

​New and Early Stage Principals are developing a sense of themselves as the leader and manager of a school. They are seeking to understand the accountabilities of the Principal role and their school’s context. They are developing the confidence and capability to make decisions that will have a positive impact on the achievement and wellbeing of the children and young people in their school.

Experienced Principals

​Experienced Principals are established in their role – they have been leading and managing schools for more than five years. They bring high levels of experience and expertise to school leadership and management. Many Experienced Principals will support other leaders in their midst by mentoring new and early stage principals and by being part of school review panels. These experiences help Principals to remain motivated and committed to their Principal role.

System Leaders

​System leaders are principals who are willing and capable of working across the system to support the improvement of other schools as well as their own. Highly skilled, experienced and effective leaders and managers, system leaders are looking for new professional challenges. They see their system leadership role as and an opportunity to act on their sense of responsibility to improve the achievement and wellbeing of children in schools other than their own.