Leading Instructional Practice

As a school leader, how can you build and sustain an ethic of continuous improvement in instructional practice amongst the teachers in your school? In this course you will be introduced to current instructional practice theory and leading academic experts that will assist you in leading instructional practice in your school setting.


Career Stage

Principal Class members with a specific interest or responsibility for teaching and learning across a team or the whole school.



Leading Instructional Practice case study

Annaleise Lucas, Team Leader Middle Years 7-9, Surf Coast Secondary College

A strong desire to become an effective leader as a way to influence teaching and learning in her school is what motivated Annaleise Lucas to learn more about instructional practice leadership – in particular how to motive students to become more involved their own learning and assessment.

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Leading Instructional Practice Case Study

Leading Instructional Practice case study

The biggest equity issue in Australian education is a quality teacher in every classroom. Leaders play an important role in influencing the quality of teaching and learning in their school. Their role as leaders is to equip teachers to teach effectively so that students can learn. Leading Instructional Practice provides the knowledge base that supports leaders to create the conditions for optimal learning.

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