Leading Ethically

The Department is working to reinforce the public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness across the organisation. What does it mean to be an ethical school leader? How can you create an ethical culture in your school community?

​​​​This course provides a framework for understanding stakeholder perspectives, consultation and communication. You explore strategies and decision-making processes that support dealing with ethically sensitive issues and learn how to develop and implement a school-based ethical project that improves student outcomes in your school.

This course aligns with the Professional Leadership priority area identified within the Education State Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.

Career Stage

Designed for experienced school leaders. Network groups and leadership teams are also welcome to apply.

You are also expected to identify a workplace mentor who can provide organisational and professional support.



Leading Ethically Case Study

Leading Ethically Case Study

School leadership is becoming more complex. Ethical situations and decision making, in schools and across the community, are becoming more complex as we become increasingly involved in high level community partnerships.

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