Leadership for Business Managers

Research indicates that professional, well-trained school business managers who work in or alongside the school leadership team have a significant impact on the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of schools. This course is designed to support the Department’s commitment to the public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness.

​​​​​​​​​​This course further develops your leadership capabilities as a business manager to undertake your role, including how to effectively contribute to improved student learning. You participate in creating and implementing a collaborative school-based project to enhance business management or financial practices in your school.

Career Stage

Designed for current and aspiring school business managers.

You are required to identify a workplace mentor, such as the principal or a senior school leader, and select a vertical school team of up to five other staff who can provide support for the ongoing application of your learning in the school.

The program is most effective when school principals are actively engaged with and supportive of the school business manager’s development.



Leadership for Business Managers Testimonial

Angela Falso, Mill Park Primary School

I decided to enrol in Leadership for Business Managers because as a Business Manager I felt that my leadership skills needed some improvement. I felt that I was a leader but required more skills in how to lead successfully. When I was accepted into the Bastow Leadership for Business Managers course I was excited but also afraid of the unknown. However, the course certainly met my expectations and I was happy to have completed it and be part of a great team at Bastow.

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Leadership for Business Managers Testimonial

Jade Jackson, Mildura Senior College

When first asked by my Business Manager to consider taking part in the Leadership for Business Managers course I was a little hesitant. I was concerned the content would not be relevant to my role, but I could not have been more wrong. As an aspiring business manager and leader, the course not only assisted me in developing my knowledge, confidence and leadership skills but also enabled me to make connections and great professional relationships with others in similar roles.

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Leadership for Business Managers

Lisa Sutherland, Business Manager, Lyndhurst Primary School

​​No longer just ‘numbers people’, the new generation of business managers in schools are extending their skill set to effectively lead education support staff and to closely collaborate with principals and teachers to implement positive changes within schools.

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