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Switching on your Growth Mindset

  • Audience
    Teacher leader
    Educational support staff
    Early childhood professional
    Business manager
    Principal class
    System leader
  • Next Intake
    Multiple webinars
  • Location
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Mode
  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised

Individuals with a growth mindset believe their personal qualities and attributes are changeable, manageable and can be further cultivated through effort. This in turn, leads you to being more persistent, optimistic and confident whilst seeing challenges and change as an opportunity.

This webinar explores growth mindset and teaches you how to switch it on so you can improve your skills and abilities.


Designed for all teaching and non-teaching staff, executive and principal class members, other school leaders and regional and corporate staff.

Over 1-hour, you will:

  • learn about the difference between a fixed and growth mindset
  • understand how your mindset influences your thinking, feelings and behaviours
  • learn strategies, tools and techniques to develop a growth mindset.

To register, visit Health and Wellbeing webinars.

You will need your edugate credentials to register.

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