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Leading Wellbeing in Times of Crisis

  • Audience
    Principal class
  • Next Intake
    Multiple intakes
  • Location
  • Duration
    10 weeks
  • Mode
  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised

A structured and interactive forum for principals to collectively lead their wellbeing.

Leading Wellbeing in Times of Crisis is a series of facilitated online forums that provide an opportunity to collaboratively explore various topics on health and wellbeing.

Each forum comprises a mix of theory, discussion, group activities and reflection tasks.


Designed for principal class members.

Over 10 weeks, weekly 90-minute online forums will be facilitated by a wellbeing expert.

Each forum will explore a specific area of wellbeing:

  • Forum 1: Defining the leader you want to be through all stages of crisis
  • Forum 2: Your strengths under pressure
  • Forum 3: Your behaviour and coping strategies under pressure
  • Forum 4: Thriving not just surviving - stress management
  • Forum 5: Presence - what is your job today?
  • Forum 6: The hero's journey, Part 1: Exploring hope, efficacy, resiliency and optimism
  • Forum 7: The hero's journey, Part 2: Exploring hope, efficacy, resiliency and optimism
  • Forum 8: The science of happiness
  • Forum 9: Manage your mindset: Adopting the habits of healthy thinkers
  • Forum 10: Building renewal into your life - energy management

To extend your learning and continue conversations outside of online forums, you will have access to a:

  • moderated peer learning platform
  • school wellbeing hub
  • monthly wellbeing challenge calendar
  • guide to team wellbeing check-ins, routines and rituals
  • 30-day gratitude challenge
  • 30-day journaling challenge.

You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • the theory, skills and tools to proactively manage your own wellbeing during times of crisis
  • mindsets and behaviours that will support you and the teams you lead
  • how to foster a collegiate approach to wellbeing.

Bella Di Lullo
Course Coordinator
03 9084 8582

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