Your SEIL will support the implementation of the Communities of Practice approach.

​​SEILs will work with network chairs to help networks improve student outcomes.

Networks will be owned and driven by principals. Your SEIL and regional support team will provide flexible support to drive FISO implementation and help develop your network as a community of practice. They will help to make the most of the strengths of your network and address any areas of need.

SEILs will play a variety of roles in networks, depending on your network’s self-assessed needs and FISO focus area priorities.

SEIL Role - Conduit, Connector, Integrator, Facilitator, Challenge Partner​​


Brokers relationships to help your network nurture its strengths, bridge areas of development and pursue greater opportunities.

This means your SEIL could:

  • connect your networks with experts in education who can contribute to the network’s objectives
  • connect your networks with relevant government agencies, businesses and others who have an interest in great student outcomes


Maintains information-sharing relationships with other networks across the state.

This means your SEIL could:

  • foster relationships with other networks to share experience and expertise according to needs
  • support communication channels within the network.


Focuses on enabling collaboration between your network’s members, and stimulates interest within your network to ensure member engagement.

Your SEIL could assist you to respectfully:

  • build trust between members by helping them address outstanding issues
  • help members to share performance data to support network initiatives.

Challenge partner

Helps your network members to challenge each other to improve performance, and continually challenges the entire network’s performance.

This means your SEIL could:

  • support the evolution of a network from an emerging collegiate and information sharing focus, to a culture of transparent results and practice
  • source professional development that enables challenging conversations in a spirit of reciprocity and professional trust.


Acts as a bridge between the central office and your network, enabling a two-way flow of information and feedback to align and recognise your network’s efforts and achievements.

This means your SEIL could:

  • help your network interpret the implications of new policies or changes
  • share your network’s successes and feedback to central office for broad dissemination and sharing.