CoP resources

We are supporting networks to implement a Communities of Practice (CoP) approach by providing resources and information for planning, implementation, building skills and knowledge, and performance assessment.

​​​​Online guides for building a CoP approach

Bastow is developing online resources to equip system leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to build a CoP approach across schools, networks and regions.

​These resources will be available in early 2019.

Resources for implementing a CoP approach

The Leading Communities of Practice: Appendic​es​ (PDF - 3.75 MB) include a range of resources to support implementing a CoP approach, including protocols, meeting agendas and case studies used by current CoPs.


This video explains the role of the CoP approach in delivering FISO initiatives through Educat​ion State. It outlines the vision of Education State, role of principals in implementing FISO, importance of collaboration within education systems, the CoP approach to networks, development stages of networks and the role of SEILs in implementing the approach.

Watch the Communities of Practice video​.

In this video, principals in different networks discuss their networks’ transition to a CoP approach​.​

Watch the Networks using the Communities of Practice Approach video​.