Leading School Improvement Case Study

​Jane Greig-Hancock

Assistant Principal – Greenvale Primary School

I completed the Leading School Improvement module in 2011 and really enjoyed discussing with high quality professionals, the best approach to improving my school. I appreciated the expertise of the facilitators, and the opportunity to have conversations with them.

​I found the Effective Schools Model to be incredibly useful in opening up discussion about how to improve schools and improve the quality of teaching.  I have taken this back to my school and I use it with the leadership team.

I truly valued the input of the facilitators regarding how to use data and the importance of using data for school improvement.  It gave me a license to think, “This is what the data is saying”, and ask the hard questions.  I have been doing that more and more and I’ve been feeling more confident.  I developed the language for addressing teaching and learning issues with staff and the capacity to gain their support in the improvement process. Using data and research, I have found it easier to address the challenges of school improvement with staff.

My involvement in the Leading School Improvement module has had a huge impact on Greenvale Primary School.  Many of the changes have been driven by the data gathered during the Leading School Improvement module. The school now has educational leaders driving teaching and learning in their team, we’ve got technical leaders for administration, and strategic leaders for Maths, English, and ICT.  We’ve really thought about the role strategic leaders have – they’re going to look at the data that’s going to drive our focus for our strategic plan. This is something we’re going to continue to work on… If I hadn’t done the Leading School Improvement module, we wouldn’t have got to that.