Leading and Sustaining Change in Your School Case Study

Gary Palmer

Principal, Ballarat High School

Bastow’s Leading and Sustaining Change in Your School module (formerly known as Leading Organisational Change for the Principal Class).

​​Leading and Sustaining Change in Your School Case Study The readings alone helped me to better understand what is going on around me. The workshops and the one on one discussions with the coach gave me new insight into what I do as a leader, and helped me to understand others’ perspectives. The module involved a school based project which helped consolidate the learning back into my job. My change project was about the leadership structure of my school, and how I could make effective changes.

Getting people to understand where I am coming from takes time. I have been using the change process explored in the module to articulate clearly to my staff what I am trying to achieve. Part of that process is keeping things simple, precise and accurate. Taking this process on board has been worthwhile in terms of dealing with other people and reaching a shared understanding that what I am trying to achieve will lead to positive change for the school.

The module allowed us to share our experiences and exchange ideas through networking and talking to other people, which I find important. The workshops also gave me precious time to write, talk, discuss and reflect – activities you are usually too busy to do when on the job. This opportunity allowed me the time and space to be constructive.

As a new Principal, I am also starting Bastow’s Mentoring for First Time Principals program (now called Professional Support for New Principals). I am looking forward to that support as I work to bring about the changes I want in my school.