Leading Instructional Practice Case Study

​Professor Stephen Dinham

The University of Melbourne

The biggest equity issue in Australian education is a quality teacher in every classroom. Leaders play an important role in influencing the quality of teaching and learning in their school. Their role as leaders is to equip teachers to teach effectively so that students can learn. Leading Instructional Practice provides the knowledge base that supports leaders to create the conditions for optimal learning.

​​​​The module offers learning from a firm evidence base. For many years, Professor John Hattie and I have been independently researching, publishing and teaching about leading instructional practice, nationally and internationally. Recently we joined forces to deliver this Bastow module. We have a high level of experience in this field – in both research and at the practical level of working with teachers and leaders in schools. We are passionate about facilitating the learning and development of all students.

Participants can expect cutting edge research in the areas of learning theories, teaching practice, leadership, creating conditions for success, and how to evaluate interventions in schools. The major part of the assessment for the module is for each participant to complete an action learning project in their school around instruction and leadership. They will be guided in developing both the project plan and effecting its implementation. By the time they have completed the project, they will have gained skills and confidence to continue to plan, implement and evaluate similar projects in their schools. The philosophy underpinning this module is that theory and practice are interdependent.​

Leaders participating in the module are challenged to question their underlying beliefs and assumptions. They are exposed to ideas, evidence and material that affirms, broadens and stretches their thinking. Participants will develop the skills and strategies to engage teachers in the change process – a necessary ingredient for bringing about meaningful and sustainable improvement in their schools.