Leading Ethically Case Study

Scott Dellar

Executive Principal Ballarat South Community Learning Precinct​

School leadership is becoming more complex. Ethical situations and decision making, in schools and across the community, are becoming more complex as we become increasingly involved in high level community partnerships.

​​​​I see Bastow’s Leading Ethically module as an opportunity to engage professionally in informed discussions that will help improve my knowledge and understanding of decision making processes. When our collegiate group of Principals learned about this course, we applied as a group. We knew it was exactly what we needed to stimulate important conversation and learning.

A personal motivation for enrolling Leading Ethically is to have the time to reflect on my own leadership and to engage in substantial conversations with my colleagues. Through those conversations I hope to gain a greater appreciation of ethical dilemmas, and of effective communication and decision making processes that can be used in response to these dilemmas.

Leading ethically is becoming pivotal work. There are so many decisions to be made, at every level, as schools move towards a community perspective. We have always been involved in community partnerships. External factors are having an impact on the decisions we take as school leaders, and as community leaders.

I found the module’s pre-readings enormously stimulating. I think in many ways the module’s strength is going to be in the high level conversations between participants as we relate our own stories and dilemmas about the ethical situations we face. I aim to complete the module with sharper strategies and a better equipped toolbox, and a more informed network of people I can talk to about specific issues.​

Better understanding and better knowledge of leading in an ethical manner is an important piece of the puzzle in school leadership. The module will be a foundation we can all leverage off for a number of years.