Leadership for Business Managers Testimonial

Angela Falso

Mill Park Primary School

I decided to enrol in Leadership for Business Managers because as a Business Manager I felt that my leadership skills needed some improvement. I felt that I was a leader but required more skills in how to lead successfully. When I was accepted into the Bastow Leadership for Business Managers course I was excited but also afraid of the unknown. However, the course certainly met my expectations and I was happy to have completed it and be part of a great team at Bastow.

​​​​​​​Angela Falso, Mill Park Primary SchoolMy Vertical Leadership Team consisted of the assistant principal, leading teacher, expert teacher, ES staff and my mentor​ was my principal. All the team members were very supportive and were able to give me advice and feedback from a different perspective. My principal-mentor was a great help, encouraging and very supportive. I am grateful for their ongoing support and backing me all the way.

After having completed the program, I now have a better understanding that leading is not controlling but it's also about influencing people and showing them the leadership skills, being able to negotiate and making them understand why, and having a positive outcome. I have more confidence in what I do and how I deal with challenging situations.

Looking forward, I believe to be a good leader it certainly takes time, good knowledge and skills. By participating in this course I believe that it has given me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

I would recommend this course to all Business Managers and aspiring new Business Managers throughout Victoria.

For more information: Leadership for Busines​s Managers​​