Developing Self Case Study

Paul Dawson

Assistant Principal North Geelong Secondary College

​​The Developing Self module was an opportunity to improve my communication and leadership skills in my new role as Assistant Principal. Through the module I gained a better understanding of the different ways I can develop professionally.

​​A highlight was the professional discussions during the workshops, where participants were encouraged to share their experiences. The readings were thought provoking and the way the discussions were led by the presenters was exemplary. I now have a different attitude towards professional reading. I am more aware of the importance of making sure I am up to date with the latest professional readings, and I am enjoying it.

The opportunity to discuss and reflect on new ways of thinking has changed my outlook as a leader.

The case study scenarios presented and discussed with other participants allowed me to consider alternative ways of managing challenging situations at my school. In leading, there are so many variables that can affect a situation. I am now more aware of how I can respond differently to situations, especially when communicating with colleagues around potentially hot issues. This has enabled me to improve my professional relationships with colleagues and as a result achieve more positive outcomes.​

I am an optimistic person. I see my school as improving all the time, with positive changes ahead. What I have learned in the Developing Self module has helped me feel more confident as a leader and a communicator in the current school environment. Completing the module has had a positive outcome: for me, for my staff, and the school as a whole.​