Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division Twilight Seminars

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The Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division, DEECD, in partnership with the Bastow, recently held two Twilight Sessions presented by keynote speaker Andrew Fuller.

Andrew Fuller, clinical psychologist and family therapistAndrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist and family therapist who works with many schools and communities in Australia and internationally, specialising in the wellbeing of young people and their families.

This first seminar, The Fine Art of Engaging Students, encouraged participants to identify the ‘types’ of students they work with and to develop creative and innovative strategies to support them in engaging tricky students. The seminar explored topics such as: building and sustaining engaging relationships, staying calm in difficult situations and using anchoring and advanced communication techniques in the classroom.

The second seminar, Resilience, A Key to Genius, encouraged participants to rethink established approaches to curriculum delivery to better engage even the most challenging of children and improve overall outcomes for their school. The seminar covered techniques including: creative problem solving and ingenuity, increasing motivation and pleasure in learning, building self-esteem and dealing with setbacks.

More than 80 people attended each seminar along with a further 50 people connecting through 10 video conference links.

Bastow will partner again with the Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division to provide more Twilight Seminars focusing on wellbeing, health and engagement in 2015. The first seminar will be Bullying Prevention, presented by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, child and adolescent psychologist, author and broadcaster. The seminars will be held on 26 February and 5 March.

The Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division have a range of resources to support child health and safety available on the DEECD website.