Supporting the team that supports the school

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​​Sending members of its educational support team to Bastow’s Leadership for Business Managers​ course is delivering wide-ranging benefits for Melbourne Girls​’ College.

Mella Pescos and Emma Frankenberg returned from Bastow feeling more confident in their ability to create efficiencies and support teaching, learning and wellbeing outcomes within the school.

Emma Frankenberg, ​Mella Pescos and Nancy Sandilands

While completing the course together, the pair implemented a capacity-building project to embed a practical approach to multi-skilling within their office. Team members learned how to perform each other’s roles and developed detailed process guides documenting each position.

The college’s Business Manager, Nancy Sandilands, says the project has significantly increased efficiency, continuity and teamwork within the administration office. Their project also piqued the interest of many other course participants, who wanted to produce similar process guides for their own schools.

Mella, Emma and Nancy were invited back to Bastow in mid-2016 to present to the next intake of course participants about their project and its outcomes, which sparked another wave of requests for examples of their guides.

‘This course really covers all bases; it’s training, it’s leadership development and it’s mentoring,’ says Mella, the college’s HR Payroll Officer. ‘Before Bastow, we knew we were reasonably good at our roles, but now it’s a completely different ball game. Bastow has lifted us up to affirm that we are already leaders in our own roles and that we can eventually become business managers further on in our careers.’

Mella and Emma’s experience is one of many positive outcomes being repeated across the college as successive members of their team attend Bastow. Eight colleagues have completed the course so far and Nancy intends to send each new team member to Bastow, regardless of their position or level of experience.

The course supports the Professional Leadership priority area identified within the Education State Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and reinforces the Department’s commitment to public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness.

For more information on the course: Leadership for Busines​s Managers​​