Re-Imagining Learning for a Socially Connected World - Horizon forum with David Price, OBE

Innovation; Technology
​A collection of hactivists, hobbyists, forum-users and maverick leaders are leading a quiet but unstoppable revolution. They are sharing everything they know, and turning knowledge into action in ways that were unimaginable even a decade ago. Driven by technology, and shaped by common values, going ‘open’ has transformed the way we live. It’s not so much a question of if our workplaces, schools and colleges go open, but when.

David Price, OBEDavid Price is a learning futurist and a Senior Associate at the Innovation Unit, in London. His recent book, OPEN: How We'll Work, Live and Learn In The Future has been an Amazon best-seller since its publication.

During the Horizon forum at Bastow on 21 May, David will present short provocations on the radically shifting patterns of employment, civic participation and social learning and will invite participants to design learning that engages and prepares students for these new landscapes. This session will cover:
  • the myth of the knowledge economy, and the distortion of 'PISA hysteria'
  • the dilemma graduates face in a 'High Skills/Low Income' future
  • the inexorable rise of social learning
  • why schools can no longer function as learning enclosures.
To listen to more about the issues explored in OPEN, particularly as they apply to schooling, link to Teacher Education Review Podcast or watch David Price.


OPEN: How We'll Work, Live and Learn In The Future OPEN: How We'll Work, Live and Learn In The Future

What makes a global corporation give away its prized intellectual property? Why are Ivy League universities allowing anyone to take their courses for free? What drives a farmer in rural Africa to share his secrets with his competitors? Packed with illustration and advice, this entertaining read by learning futurist, David Price, argues that ‘open’ is not only affecting how we are choosing to live, but that it’s going to be the difference between success and failure in the future.