Principal Preparation Program – UP (Unlocking Potential)

Principal Preparation Program – UP (Unlocking Potential)The Honorable Martin Dixon, Minister for Education, launched the new Principal Preparation Program – UP (Unlocking Potential) at Bastow on 15 April.
This first intake for the program saw 42 aspiring principals commence their learning journey.
UP delivers the commitment outlined in New Directions to Action: World class teaching and school leadership (New Directions) to “Provide up to 100 high-potential leaders with the opportunity to complete a Principal Preparation Program over two years from 2014”.
The first day of the three-day residential component unpacked what potential meant to participants and the importance of unlocking potential within themselves and their school community. A common theme that emerged was that leadership is learnable, but that it requires deep conviction and lots of practice. The principals for the participants joined the program in the afternoon to be briefed on how to best support their colleagues.
Principal Preparation Program – UP (Unlocking Potential)
A lively debate was generated by a stakeholder panel that discussed the current and future structures of schooling and how potential can be nurtured. The panel was hosted by Maxine McKew and was comprised of principals, students, a parent representative, an entrepreneur and an experienced school system leader. Key themes included: knowing and working with the community - thinking of community beyond geographic location; improving the quality of teachers and the importance of pre-service education - what models work best; and finally, students on the panel advocated for more effective use of technology and described their greatest learning  through peer learning processes. The day concluded with a dinner for the participants and their principals.
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