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Open House Melbourne

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership will open its building to the public for tours as part of Open House Melbourne on 28 and 29 July, 2012.

Visitors will have access to the three levels of the building including: the underground lecture theatre, the terrace, outdoor learning spaces, the observational class room, the community room on the ground level and the upstairs syndicate rooms. Tours will depart every 30 minutes between 10am and 4pm on the weekend.

Peter Maddsion, the architect for the renovation of the facility, will be conducting presentations about the architecture and its impact on education over the weekend. Maddison Architects worked closely with Heritage Architect's Lovell Chen to evaluate how the new could be stitched into the old for this project. The architects have reacted respectfully to the orthogonal characteristics of the heritage building and have responded with an addition that is obtuse and dynamic.  The run down and derelict 1882 building has been faithfully restored and new floor areas considered as one continuum.

Open House Melbourne is a not-for-profit association that runs this annual event which provides the public a free and rare opportunity to discover a hidden wealth of architectural, engineering and historic buildings nestled around the city. Now in its fifth year, Open House Melbourne will open 100 spaces including commercial, residential and green buildings, as well as places of worship and sporting grounds.