Middle leaders capacity to influence

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Create - Middle Leader Program

In June 2013, Bastow commissioned a literature review of contemporary research on middle leaders. The review has informed the development of Bastow’s Create program.  The literature review examines empirical research on middle leaders in primary and secondary schools from both Australia and overseas. It considers the roles that middle leaders typically play in schools and the factors that can serve as both enablers and barriers to their influence.

PDF document Factors that affect middle or teacher leaders capacity to influence their environment (PDF - 317KB)

The review extract demonstrates the influential role of principals and senior leaders play in supporting and enabling middle leaders to be effective in their efforts to lead the learning of others. It highlights what some school leaders intuitively know – that it is the role and responsibility of senior leaders to create the organisational conditions that enable middle leaders to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Bastow’s Create program is specifically designed to build the capability of middle leaders to lead the learning of other teachers. However, an important component of the program focuses on principals and other senior leaders, who attend parts of the program with their middle leaders. This aspect of the program aims to raise awareness of the importance of their role in supporting middle leaders and equips them with some practical strategies for helping middle leaders build staff capacity and achieve excellent outcomes for the children and young people in their care.

Applications are currently open for the next intake of middle leaders, which is due to commence in early Term 1, 2015. Follow the link below for full details of the program and the application form: Create: Middle Leaders