Henry Bastow project wins National Award

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Henry-Bastow project wins National AwardThis project began with a simple question: Who was Henry Bastow?

At the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership we knew that our namesake was the first architect appointed to the Victorian education department in 1873, but we did not know the details. What were Bastow's achievements? Did he respond to, or direct changes in education? Why did his designs change over time? What kind of person was he?

In 2011, Bastow engaged Jenny Gardner from Creative Hat Interpretation to complete detailed research and piece together snippets of the life story of Henry Bastow. We met the Bastow family, learnt about the relationship between teaching, learning and school design in the 1800s, and wondered why our early education architecture had been so long ignored. We also unearthed a staggering number of photographs taken of schools soon after completion in the 1880s. Some of these now hung proudly in the Bastow theatre and are part of a postcard history trail.

We forged a legacy where none had existed before. This is a story that celebrates our shared education heritage.

In November this year the Interpretation Strategy, that articulated the research findings into the Henry Bastow story along with a short animated film won the Silver Award for projects under $30,000 at the National Interpretation Australia Awards for 2012.

The judges' critic summed it up:

The passion released from this submission is contagious, with an engagingly presented Interpretation Plan and emotionally moving film assisting to bring Henry Bastow to life.  Excellent development of storylines, based on a sound thematic structure, creates a poignant connection with the "Architect to Victoria's First Education Revolution". The wow factor has definit​​ely been achieved through this exceptionally inspiring work with evidence of painstaking research, good solid consultation, thought-provoking outcomes and cost-effective media distribution. The enthusiasm behind this project has succeeded in generating the "Bastow Buzz".

Bastow would like to acknowledge Jenny Gardner's outstanding work on the Henry Bastow story and her research on Shaping School Education in Victoria. Big thanks also to Michael Fitzgerald (seconded project manager) and the amazing multimedia crew at 'Those Two Guys in Footscray', Mal Padgett, Alf Kuhlmann and Michael Wentworth-Bell.

Jenny has provided Bastow and the education community with an exceptional resource which reveals our rich history in educational leadership, making it accessible through her series of stories and brilliant collection of photos.

Geri Wild
Manager Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement
Bastow Institute of Educational Leadersip