Director's Message - Bastow - From 2010 to today

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Since its establishment in 2010, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership has provided leadership development courses and capacity-building for over 8300 principals, teachers and early childhood educators.

Prior to the establishment of Bastow, the Department’s leadership development programs were delivered in numerous conference centres around Melbourne.  However, they now take place at the historical state school number 307, 615 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.  Recently renovated, the building inherits the original historical casing and unites it with modern digital learning facilities that support participant’s professional learning. The Bastow facility has been operating since July 2012.

Our partners and learning opportunities

Bastow partners with leading academics and leadership development organisations to design and deliver its courses, seminars and workshops.  These learning opportunities support educators to improve their leadership practice in a wide range of areas including how to create performance and development cultures, managing staff performance, strengthening internal accountability, improving relationships between parents and the community, leading and sustaining change and improving student engagement and wellbeing.


Bastow’s evaluations show that our courses are having an impact. The independent evaluation of courses in 2012 found that more than 90 per cent of participants agreed that they acquired new knowledge and skills, improved their understanding of key frameworks, experienced courses with high quality content, design and delivery and most importantly increased their confidence and motivation to lead.

Findings also suggested that a large majority of respondents reported that they the courses were relevant to their work, provided opportunities to learn from others and that they received timely and constructive feedback throughout the course from peers and facilitators.  Overall, 96 per cent of respondents indicated that they had improved their leadership capabilities as a result of participating in the Bastow course and reported that they had applied these capabilities in their school or early childhood setting.

Bastow’s achievements can be attributed to the careful application of adult learning theory and evidence of what works when it comes to leadership development.  It also has much to do with the quality of our partners, their knowledge and expertise and unwavering commitment to supporting school and early childhood leaders.

For more information on Bastow courses, twilight sessions, professional practice series workshops, please visit the upcoming courses and events section.