Create Program (for Middle Leaders)

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Create - Middle Leader Program

Bastow has partnered with Edpartnerships to design a new program called Create to develop the capacity of up to 200 middle leaders in schools. This program has been developed to reflect New Directions to Action: World class teaching and school leadership (New Directions) - part of the Victorian Government’s vision for excellence in school leadership.

Create is designed around evidence-based research conducted by Edpartnerships on the importance and effectiveness of middle leaders (also referred to as “teacher leaders”). This research is summarised in Effective Teacher Leaders: Who are they and how do they work (PDF - 151 Kb).

As stated in New Directions, middle leaders (including year-level and curriculum area leaders and professional learning and student wellbeing coordinators) “set direction and lead and build teams in pursuit of improved student achievement and wellbeing”.

New Directions also recognises that middle leaders require support to perform their role effectively and that any programs designed to extend the skills and knowledge of these leaders should “provide a highly personalised learning experience and significant capacity building opportunities”.

The 18-month Create program exactly meets this requirement by including residential workshops, triad support, shadowing experience and self-paced content to facilitate the most effective learning and application of participant’s new knowledge.

Create has also been developed to reflect the initiatives of New Directions by encompassing “knowledge of how to sustain high quality teaching within a team, how to use data, appropriate management structures, systems and processes, and developing effective teams” in its four focus areas:

  1. Self-Knowledge:  Who am I as a learner and leader?

  2. Understanding Contexts:  Where am I, what does this mean for my learning and leadership practice? How do I identify the needs of learners?

  3. Influencing Strategies: How do I lead learning and why might others’ follow?

  4. Ideas to Action: What is the change we want to pursue and how will we work together to achieve this?

Applications are now open for Create - Middle Leaders program at Bastow.

For further information on the program or to apply go to: