Bastow's focus on the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

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​​Bastow courses and programs will help government schools engage with FISO

Neil Barker, Director, Bastow InstituteProviding opportunities for school staff to develop the skills and professional knowledge they need to meet the Education State targets is the focus at Bastow.

Bastow’s new Program and Course Guides outline a broad range of opportunities to support Victorian government schools to successfully engage with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO).

Bastow Director Neil Barker said enhancing skills and professional knowledge through Bastow courses and programs will assist principals and school leaders to fulfil the strategic goals of the Education State policy.

‘Bastow courses and programs provide educational leaders the opportunity to build leadership in schools and networks across Victoria,’ Neil said.

‘Many of our programs are about the foundational leadership skills and knowledge that you need to be developing at your particular career stage, including consideration of how you contribute to the development a strong leadership team in your school and how you work collaboratively with colleagues within your school and across the system.’

This year, Bastow will continue to deliver courses and programs in rural and regional areas of Victoria.

‘Bastow is always keen to talk to networks and groups of schools about how we can work with them to assist in bringing professional learning to their local area,’ Neil said.

Neil notes that, as the professional learning arm of the Department, Bastow has the experience and expertise to deliver school leadership professional learning and initiatives outlined in the Education State agenda.

Neil pointed to the Strategic Management for School Leaders course as an example of the way in which Bastow has worked with colleagues in the Department to support the implementation of professional learning for school leaders. The course is comprised of nine modules, each of which is delivered in association with another branch or division from the Department.

‘This partnership ensures that the course meets the needs of participants and that they are getting the most up-to-date and correct information, and developing the skills and dispositions that they need to lead and manage in particular areas,’ Neil said.

‘It also ensures that school leaders are well-placed to lead and manage in an effective way to create efficiencies in schools, and provides a strong focus for optimising the organisation to meet the needs and interests of their students.’

In 2016, the course has two new modules, Workforce Planning, developed and delivered by the Human Resources Division, and School Governance, managed by Bastow.