Bastow Strategic Advisory Council



In 2013 Bastow commenced work to establish a Strategic Advisory Council (Council) to provide high level advice on Bastow’s operation and strategic directions. The Council was to comprise of individuals with extensive expertise and experience in education, educational leadership and the corporate sector.

Since then, Bastow has been fortunate in attracting exceptionally high calibre leaders to the Council and members represent Victorian government schools, academia, the corporate sector and the Department.

The Council has met four times this year to discuss the Bastow Strategic Plan the role of leaders in a Communities of Practice approach, and growing high potential leaders. 
The final meeting for this year focused on the performance and development process for principals – how the process works across the system and how it could be enhanced by leveraging practice used in the corporate world.

On behalf of Bruce Armstrong, Gene Reardon and Neil Barker Bastow would like to acknowledge the support of Gill Callister and the Deputy Secretaries who have contributed to the robust Council conversations and the ongoing contribution of the Council members:  

  • Larry Kamener, (Chair) Senior Partner Boston Consulting Group
  • Maria Arias, Senior Practice Expert, McKinsey & Company
  • Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson, The University of Auckland
  • Tanya Deery, Senior Director ANZ
  • Tom Bentley, Consultant
  • Mr Alan Ross, Ambassador School Improvement Programs
  • Ms Jeanette Nagorcka, Principal Regional Director, North-Western Region
  • Marcus Wicher, Principal Auburn South Primary School
  • Kerrie Dowsley, Principal St Albans Secondary College
  • Pitsa Binnion, Principal McKinnon Secondary College
  • Leonie Roberts, Principal Camp Hill Primary School
  • Dennis Mitchell, Principal Ranfurly Primary School.
Strategic Advisory Council – Terms of Reference

The role of the Council will be to:
  • advise on and ensure Bastow’s direction and priorities align with organisational, departmental and government strategic goals, and provide critical input into Bastow’s strategic plan
  • challenge Bastow to ensure its products and service lines are “best in class” by ensuring decisions are made in line with educational and pedagogical best practice, tapping local and international expertise
  • support Bastow to achieve its commercial objectives and effectively position itself in a competitive market, and provide guidance on how to be a high-performing organisation
  • provide assurance – through ongoing advice and review – to senior Department Executives and the Minister around the quality of services Bastow provides, and ensure it is accountable for the expenditure of public resources
  • maintain oversight of financial management and, if necessary, advise on strategic allocation of funds
  • provide strategic advice, insight and review.