Bastow Hub Leaders

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​Are you interested in becoming a Polycom Hub Leader for your School Network?

Bastow Hub Leaders​Over the last 12 months Bastow has been developing our Twilight and Horizon Seminars covering a wide range of topics, from 21st Century Mathematics skills with Charles Fadel to How to Develop Quality Teaching in a Team: Collaborative Impact with Professor John Hattie.

The seminars have been a great success, with some events attracting up to 200 people to the North Melbourne facility and 100 attending via 11 Polycom conference sites in rural and remote schools. Bastow envisages that these Twilight and Horizon Seminars could be made available to many more teachers and practitioners across the state with the support of key rural and remote networks hosting Polycom conference sites.

To assist in extending access to the events Bastow requires Polycom Hub Leaders.

Becoming a Polycom Hub Leader will enable your School Network to connect and learn from leading academics, innovative thinkers and expert practitioners. As there are a restricted number of polycom connections registered Polycom Hubs would also be given priority access to the events.

Each Hub will be entitled to host as many teachers and practitioners as possible for a maximum cost of $150 for six months or $250 for 12 months. Individual polycom connections are $35 to $55 per person.

Hub Leaders will be responsible for:
  • advertising and raising awareness of all the Bastow Twilight and Horizon seminars across their network
  • enrolling the Hub site for each event
  • supporting discussion and networking at each event.
The next Twilight and Horizon events at Bastow are:
  • Re-imagining learning for a socially connected world - David Price, OBE on Wednesday 21 May
  • Enhancing Students Motivation and wellness - Dr Chris Niemic on Monday 23 June
If you are interested in registering to become a Hub Leader, please contact Carmel Buxton: or (03) 8199 2959​