A New Chapter - Bruce Armstrong

bruce_thumb Bruce Armstrong
Executive Director,
Leadership Professional Practice and Accountability Division, ECSEG

Everyone who has been involved in delivering exemplary professional leadership development programs at Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership since it was established in July 2009 should be extremely proud of what has been achieved to date.

I came to the position as the inaugural Director of Bastow with a deep commitment to helping shape a high quality public education system in Victoria. When I look back over the past five years, I sincerely believe that Bastow has made a profoundly significant and highly positive impact on those who are educating our children and helping them to reach their full potential.

I have seen Bastow’s dedicated staff and partners prove time and time again their ability to meet the changing expectations of teachers, principals and early childhood professionals for both professional and personal growth.

We also know from in-depth independent evaluation that participants have left Bastow with increased leadership capability, a valuable perspective on their current and future career priorities, and a genuine ability to integrate theory into practice.

We have also risen to the challenge of ensuring Bastow’s curriculum continues to closely align with the intentions and requirements of government policy. This is especially evident over the past year with the introduction of new programs focusing on developing the capacity of middle leaders and preparing and supporting new principals, as well as increased support for the Government’s Early Years Strategic Plan.

Bastow’s North Melbourne building - with its highly considered and innovative redevelopment in 2012 - has been the location of so many rich, stimulating and exciting experiences. Participants have had the opportunity to learn from an impressive range of highly respected experts and scholars and network with other like-minded people through our Professional Practice, Twilight and Horizon events.

With the aim of extending our reach across Victoria, we have established strong partnerships with regional directors to customise programs for regions and school networks. We are also delivering progressively more professional learning online and expanding our remote learning strategies.

The establishment of an Advisory Council is also a recent highlight. The members of the council bring a broad range of education and business expertise to Bastow, placing us in an excellent position to develop and implement a strategic vision that is relevant, responsive and successful.

I am honoured to have been part of something that has succeeded in developing strong leaders who have vision, confidence, high expectations, commitment to learning, and who are willing to be practical and collaborative in their leadership approach.

Most importantly, however, we have never lost sight of our belief in the power of teaching and learning to make a positive difference to children and young people’s lives.

In my new role as Executive Director, Leadership Professional Practice and Accountability Division, ECSEG, I will maintain strategic oversight of Bastow and will work with the Division to further facilitate the high quality educational opportunities Victorian students need to learn, achieve and thrive.

Bruce Armstrong