Bastow Alumni

Choosing to actively engage with the Bastow Alumni community opens the door to rich and rewarding professional conversations, new connections and exciting opportunities.

​We recognise the importance of lifelong learning and the value of continuing professional conversations past graduation. Bastow Alumni is just one way we stay connected with our graduates and encourage them to continue their leadership learning and make new connections.

Bastow Alumni is open to graduates of our career stage programs - Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation, Create: Middle Leaders and Impact: Emerging Leaders. It offers a range of professional learning and networking opportunities, events, access to resources, offers and discounts.

Alumni events and professional learning provide an opportunity for participants to:

  • engage in professional learning to consolidate, contextualise and contribute to program content
  • connect with other leaders and aspiring leaders at events and forums
  • promote by providing opportunities and connections to progress leadership.

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Meet our Alumni

Laura Finnigan
Impact: Emerging Leaders

Laura Finnigan
Acting Leader Teacher, Roxburgh Park Primary School

Laura has always wanted to be a teacher.

Her passion for teaching and leading has developed a strong appreciation for the importance of adapting to meet the unique needs of individuals – whether that be colleagues, students or community members – to bring about positive change.

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Simon O’Brien Create: Middle Leaders

Simon O’Brien
Principal, Winchelsea Primary School

Simon truly believes in lifelong learning.

Drawing upon his wealth of personal experience, including participating in Bastow’s Create program, he is inspiring students to become ‘resilient, reflective and resourceful learners’.

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Lian Davies Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation

Lian Davies
Principal, Whittlesea Secondary College

Lian is passionate about ensuring education meets the needs of each individual learner.

Her innovative approach to teaching and learning is key to her success as a leader, and ensures that students are supported to achieve their potential in whatever form that takes.

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