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Vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission and values guide our work.

Developing the capabilities of Victoria’s school leaders to continuously improve themselves, our schools and student outcomes is at the heart of Bastow. We aim to make a significant contribution to the success of the Education State. Our vision, mission and values guide our work.


To create powerful leadership learning across all levels of the education system so that Victoria becomes the best education system in the world, a system that inspires learning and optimises opportunities for every Victorian.


To build a highly capable education workforce led by exemplary educational leaders and highly skilled teachers and early childhood professionals who improve outcomes for children and young people in a rapidly changing and complex world.


Our work consistently reflects our values. They express our expectations of ourselves and inform our expectations of educational leaders. 


We ask much of educational leaders. We expect educational leaders will ask much of us. Bastow's impact and influence on educational leadership relies on collaboration and mutual respect.


We privilege our relationships with education professionals and leaders. In all our interactions, we maintain trust by honouring our undertakings.

Practice oriented

Credible research about leadership is the cornerstone of our work. We actively contribute to the evidence base. We ensure the best evidence about leadership, thinking and adult learning underpins our professional learning design and learning environments.


Educational leadership requires attentive, innovative responses to local needs. We are adaptive. Our professional learning design supports leaders to meet the needs of their students, schools and communities. We work purposefully with educational leaders seeking better ways to lead.

High expectations

We believe high expectations reinforce high performance. We ask constantly whether our expectations of ourselves and education leaders are rich and demanding. We match our expectations of educational leaders with equally high expectations of ourselves.


As educational professionals, we consistently and creatively reconsider and improve our practice so that powerful learning happens. We recognise that enacting educational leadership brings personal challenges. Bastow supports leaders to reflect on and meet those challenges, and to grow in their demanding and complex roles.