Vision, Mission and Primary Roles

The vision, mission and primary roles of the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership aim to build the capacity of educational leaders and to identify and develop high quality leaders for the future.


To create powerful leadership learning across all levels of the education system so that Victoria becomes the best education system in the world, a system that inspires learning and optimises opportunities for every Victorian.


To build a highly capable education workforce led by exemplary educational leaders, highly skilled teachers and early childhood professionals who improve student outcomes in a rapidly changing and complex world.

Our Primary Roles

Bastow works in partnership with internal stakeholders to build the capacity of school and early childhood leaders. Bastow has four specific roles:

  1. To provide excellent professional learning.
  2. To support implementation of the Education State school reforms.
  3. To develop workforce policy and strategy for leaders.
  4. To provide professional learning advice to other areas of the Department.