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Strategic Advisory Council

The Strategic Advisory Council provides high level advice on our strategic directions.

The Council has 11 members with extensive expertise and experience in education, educational leadership and the corporate sector. These members are appointed by the Secretary, Department of Education and Training (the Department).

The Council meets quarterly. Members have 1-to-3 year terms, with an option for a further 3 years at the end of the initial term, subject to mutual agreement.

The role of the Council is to:

  • Oversee and review our performance and ongoing relevance. 
  • Advise on and ensure our direction and priorities align with organisational, departmental and whole of government strategic goals and provide critical input into our strategic plan.
  • Challenge us to ensure our services are ‘best in class’ by being in line with educational and pedagogical best practice and leverage local and international expertise.
  • Support us to achieve our commercial objectives, position us in a competitive market, and provide guidance on how to be a high performing organisation.
  • Provide assurance – through ongoing advice and review – to senior department executives and the minister around quality of services we provide and ensure spending of public resources is accountable.
  • Provide strategic advice, insight and review rather than a formal decision-making body or a body with powers to be delegated to management.