Quality Assurance

A rigorous process of development, delivery and evaluation has been created for all courses and programs at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.

​​​​​​​​Bastow prides itself on providing high quality learning experiences for school and early childhood educators. There are three key components to Bastow's quality assurance system.

Quality Standards

Bastow has developed evidence-based Quality Standards for Professional Learning to ensure the quality of all aspects of our learning experiences. The standards establish clear criteria for excellence in three main areas – context, content and process.

Curriculum Development Process

The Bastow Curriculum Development Process supports the design of programs and courses. The five phases of the process are: scoping, content development; learning design; professional learning; evaluation and review. The Curriculum Development Process helps to:

  • Identify the core concepts and ideas related to the course
  • Ensure a clear learning scope and sequence
  • Provide a consistent approach to the development of courses and programs
  • Enable Bastow to work with partners to monitor and revise courses and programs.


Bastow evaluates all courses, programs and other learning events. It conducts both impact and formative evaluations.

Bastow commissions independent evaluators to measure program impacts. These evaluations d​etermine the extent to which courses and programs have led to behavioural change and improved leadership practices. 

​We evaluate for continuous improvement. Drawing on a range of data sourced from surveys, real-time feedback, feedback from facilitators and our own observations we continually adjust and improve the learning experience. 

Bastow also evaluates to ensure funding is invested effectively and efficiently and hold ourselves accountability for the use of public resources.