COVID-19 update for Bastow participants

Our team

Our team of experienced, dedicated and energetic professionals are committed to improving the learning outcomes for children and young people.

We know that educational leadership is essential for high-quality teaching and learning; this understanding is at the heart of our work and informs everything we do.

Course Provision

The Course Provision team’s main focus is to provide a memorable and fit-for-purpose learning experience for all participants.

Charged with overseeing the life cycle of Bastow’s complex portfolio of professional learning, the Course Provision team engages directly with schools, participants and providers to successfully deliver professional learning across Victoria.

Upholding Bastow’s quality and service standards requires the Course Provision team to manage contracts, scoping and stakeholder satisfaction, as well as undertake consultation processes and data analysis to support the betterment of professional learning design and delivery.

Learning Development and Innovation 

The Learning Development and Innovation team apply best practice in learning and digital design to develop professional learning that supports learner outcomes and capability building.

The team's core role is to establish standards and ensure a consistent approach across professional learning design. The team leverages their expertise and technical knowledge to provide advice and guidance to providers during the design and development phase.

The team uses data to drive continuous improvement, ensuring professional learning always meets Bastow's quality standards. 

Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement

The Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement team has capabilities and experience in marketing, communications, project management and stakeholder engagement.

The team develops and delivers purposeful and powerful communications and engagement strategies that provide Victorian government school educators with clear and relevant information to help them make informed decisions about their leadership professional learning needs.

The team connects with audiences wherever they may be, and invites them to consider their journeys and aspirations as educational leaders.


The Operations team oversees Bastow's systems, policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of operational effectiveness for all facilities and services.

The team also develops and implements quality assurance processes, feedback and monitoring systems for continuous improvement of services.

Principal Programs

The Principal Programs team empowers Victorian principals to lead future-focused schools, where high-quality teaching and learning improves the life chances of all Victorian students.

The team's agile approach to leadership development and support meets the specific and evolving needs of Victoria’s aspiring principals, new principals and principals at different stages of their career.

They deliver a range of frameworks, professional learning and mentoring services which:

  • identify high-potential leaders and assess the readiness of aspiring principals
  • develop the leadership capabilities of aspiring principals and principals
  • support the health and wellbeing of all principals.

Regional Engagement 

The Regional Engagement team expands the reach of  Bastow's high-quality and adaptive leadership professional learning across Victoria.

The team works closely with central Department and regional colleagues to establish strong partnerships with education networks throughout Victoria.

The team builds the leadership capability of school and system leaders through collaborative design and delivery modes.