COVID-19 update for Bastow participants

Our story

As part of the Victorian Government, we deliver leadership professional learning to educators to improve student outcomes.

Established in 2009, Bastow is the professional learning arm of the Victorian Department of Education and Training (the Department). We are a division of the Department's Schools and  Regional Services Group.

Our work is critical to increasing the number of high quality leaders at every level across the Victorian education system. We support leaders to drive sustained improvement of learning outcomes of children and young people.

Bastow is named after Henry Robert Bastow, who was appointed Chief Architect and Surveyor for the Department of Education in 1873. In his first five years, an astounding 615 schools were built – a testament to his vision, energy and expertise. We continue to take inspiration from Henry’s spirit of leadership, teamwork and innovation.

Leadership professional learning

We focus on leadership - specifically on providing innovative and evidence-based professional learning to aspiring and current educational leaders to build their capacity, knowledge and skills at every career stage.

Our connection to the Department and Victorian educators means this professional learning is always highly relevant, practical and closely aligned with government policy and professional learning objectives.

Research tells us that strong leaders are essential for quality teaching and learning. We design our professional learning to build and support strong leaders. These leaders set and meet high expectations and goals; have a clear vision; actively engage with their community; continue to learn and grow; and encourage and enable everyone around them to do the same.

Our professional learning meets all the leadership development needs, preferences and contexts of educators. From discrete practice areas, such as literacy and mathematics, to curriculum, pedagogy, principal preparation and system leadership, we prepare our leaders with focused, personalised and explicit support for their leadership development.

Our participants - over 15,000 to date - consistently provide feedback about the real, positive and sustained impact their learning makes on their career journey, their students, their school and the system as a whole.

Strategic leadership initiatives

As part of the Department, we are in a unique position to understand and respond to the professional learning needs and workplace contexts of Victorian educators.

We leverage this position and insight to develop and support strategic leadership initiatives across our system, including:

  • providing resources for talent management and system leadership
  • delivering comprehensive suites of learning focusing on key practice areas
  • implementing policy and providing advice to the Department
  • contributing to educational reform and continuous improvement across the system. 

Improving practice

We also play a key role in building practice excellence by partnering with Victorian education providers, sectors and associations, leading national and international organisations, and thought leaders. 

These strong relationships mean we can actively encourage and support everyone to share ideas, knowledge, experience and resources, and to embed these collaborative practices across local and system networks.