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The Education State

As a branch in the Victorian Department of Education and Training, our role is critical to realising the Education State agenda.

The Victorian Government acknowledges that improving the quality of teaching is the most important action we can take to lift the outcomes for children and young people, and that leadership is critical in creating the conditions for this improvement.

The best education systems in the world use professional learning and leadership development as a central lever for education system improvement.

This is clearly reflected in the government’s Education State agenda and is the central priority area in the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.

Fundamental to this agenda are the teaching and learning initiatives the Department is delivering to support and build the capacity of current and future school leaders. Bastow, as the professional learning arm of the Department, plays a critical role in building this capacity through our policy advice, leadership initiatives and professional learning.

We also play a key role in identifying and supporting potential leaders, and building and expanding the capacity and capability of current leaders to encourage and inspire leadership potential in others.

This role, and our strong professional relationships with local and global networks and thought leaders, means we are in a position to provide evidence-based advice around:

  • the benefits of educational leadership and high quality professional learning
  • the importance of creating high performance cultures
  • the impact of lifting leadership capability and practice.

Our exposure to the latest research and thinking gives us the opportunity to unlock a new level of professional conversations across our system about learning, teaching and leadership, and how we can improve outcomes for children and young people everywhere.

Leadership initiatives

Bastow is supporting broader Education State work by leading key leadership initiatives: 

  • Communities of Practice approach to strengthen networks and overcome school isolation by facilitating collaboration across the system.
  • The Talent Management Framework to strategically support the system to identify, develop and support a pipeline of high quality candidates for leadership positions in the future.
  • The Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment supports a system-wide approach to identifying, evaluating and preparing the next generation of aspiring principals for the role. 
  • As part of the Department's Literacy and Numeracy strategy, Bastow has developed a literacy suite and numeracy suite to support improved learning outcomes for students in literacy and numeracy. 

See leadership initiatives for more information.