Regional Leadership Conferences 2018

Leading Excellence in Teaching and Learning – Unleashing Greatness Together

​​About the conferences

The 2018 Regional Leadership Conferences will provide principals, assistant principals and school leaders with the opportunity to learn and engage with their peers, and local and global leaders in education. The program builds on the 2017 conference theme, Inspired Teaching and Learning – Creating the Education State.

The conferences aim to build the strength of instructional leaders whose charge is to lead excellence in teaching and learning in their schools, in all classrooms, for all students.

The breadth and depth of the expert practitioners' presentations will further our shared work to transform practice and lead improvement in our schools and across our system.

Through expert practitioner workshops and peer learning labs, the conferences are an opportunity for you to collaborate with members of your school leadership teams, Communities of Practice, partners, networks and with peers about student learning growth and your own leadership journey.

The program has been designed to allow participants to visit two workshops and peer learning labs across the two days.

To see the program or find further information about workshops and associated pre-learning activities please visit:

Career Stage

Associate Professor Misty Adoniou

Misty Adoniou is an Associate Professor in Language, Literacy and TESOL at the University of Canberra. She has received numerous teaching awards, including an OLT National Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning and the 2014 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Dr Simon Breakspear

Dr Simon Breakspear is known internationally for helping educational leaders navigate complex change, harness research evidence and drive continuous improvement for better learning. Simon is the Founder and Executive Director of Agile Schools, which equips educator teams with the research, routines and tools they need to drive improvement and innovation.

Emeritus Professor Stephen Dinham

Stephen Dinham has extensive experience and knowledge in learning and teaching. He authored the books How to Get your School Moving and Improving, followed by Leading Learning and Teaching.

Emeritus Professor Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn
Michael Fullan, O.C., is the Global Leadership Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and a worldwide authority on educational reform with a mandate of helping to achieve the moral purpose of all children learning. Michael co-authored the book Coherence with Joanne Quinn. This book creates an important narrative about direction, cultivating collaborative learning cultures, deepening learning and securing both internal and external accountability.

Joanne Quinn leads the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Capacity Building team, inspiring change through the development of professional capital in 1000+ schools in seven countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States and Uruguay). She has a coherent, grounded, innovative perspective of change. Joanne has worked and led at every level of numerous educational systems as a teacher, a principal and system leader.

Dr Judy Halbert and Dr Linda Kaser

Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser are Co-Director of Networks of Inquiry and Innovation and Leadership, consultants at the Centre for Innovative Educational Leadership at Vancouver Island University and co-author of Leadership Mindsets: Innovation and Learning in the Transformation of Schools (2009).

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson

Viviane Robinson is a Distinguished Professor in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland, and Academic Director of its Centre for Educational Leadership. Viviane also leads the Leadership Research Group at the Faculty, which carries out research that covers school leadership, educational policy and leadership skills.

Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah

Wee Tiong leads the Mathematics Education Group and an international research consortium called the ‘Third Wave Project’ for the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the Melbourne University. He has vast professional experience in teaching mathematics and pastoral care in various school settings in Singapore and Australia.