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Literacy Leader Induction WorkshopsCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=305">Read more about the Literacy Leader Induction Workshops </a>1Literacy Leader Induction WorkshopsDevelop your literacy leadership capabilities and build on your knowledge and capacity to lead literacy strategies for improvement.
Thinking differently about playCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=257">Read more about Twilight: Thinking differently about play</a>1Thinking differently about playJoin us on Wednesday 22 November for our Twilight seminar 'Thinking differently about play' with guest speaker Dr Wendy Russell
Manage and Resolve ConflictCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=163">Read more about Manage and Resolve Conflict </a>1Manage and Resolve ConflictDevelop the leadership behaviours to manage and resolve conflict in your school community in this one-day workshop.
Inquiry, Learning and ActionCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=310">Read more about Twilight: Introduction to Inquiry, Learning and Action</a>1Inquiry, Learning and ActionUnderstand how an inquiry process can lead to continuous improvement in your school in this twilight seminar with Helen Timperley on Nov 30
What is Bastow?Current Page<a href="/about-us/what-is-bastow">Read more about Bastow</a>1What is Bastow?Bastow offers innovative, evidence-based and highly relevant leadership professional learning and events ...




Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 7<img alt="Horizon: Thought Leadership - Issue 7" src="/Assets/publications/Horizon_epub7.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="250" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Thought Leadership - Issue 7This edition presents extracts from international educational leaders Steve Munby (UK) and Dr Judy Halbert and Dr Linda Kaser (Canada). All three examine what it means to lead using clearly defined and articulated principles and moral purpose, particularly at a time when the role of school leader is more complex than ever before.

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Evolve: New Principals<img alt="Evolve: New Principals " src="/Assets/Rollups/evolve-newprincipals.jpg?RenditionID=7" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> New PrincipalsThe Evolve: New Principals program is designed to assist first-time principals with the transition into their new role, and build capacity to be an effective leader in the school community. Recognising that the principal role can be at once exhilarating and rewarding, as well as demanding and highly complex, Evolve aims to alleviate stress by offering personalised and highly contextualised learning, addressing many of the tasks and technical aspects common to the principal role.

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