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Leading LiteracyCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=103">Read more about Leading Literacy</a>1Leading LiteracyThis course is focused on equipping school leaders and teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet Education State targets ...
Create: Middle LeadersCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=99">Read more about Create: Middle Leaders</a>1Create: Middle LeadersCreate professional learning communities that are focused on improving student outcomes in your school.
Coaching for Leadership TeamsCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=168">Read more about Coaching for Leadership Teams </a>1Coaching for Leadership TeamsEnhance the capabilities of your team by providing the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to establish or enhance school climate ...
Master of Instructional LeadershipCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=77">Read more about Master of Instructional Leadership </a>1Master of Instructional LeadershipThis program gives you the skills to lift student achievement, improve your school’s performance and successfully lead teaching and learning.
What is Bastow?Current Page<a href="/about-us/what-is-bastow">Read more about Bastow</a>1What is Bastow?Bastow offers innovative, evidence-based and highly relevant leadership professional learning and events ...




Create: Middle Leaders - Impact Case study<img alt=" Maree Magnabosco, Laurimar Primary School " src="/Assets/casestudy/IP022.20160603-A53I4924.jpg?RenditionID=12" width="176" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Middle Leaders - Impact Case studyRead more about Maree's story​Maree Magnabosco had already exhibited strong leadership qualities as year 6/7 transition teacher at Laurimar Primary School. As a way to build her capacity to lead both student learning and a significant restructure of the teaching team, the Principal, Jason McBean, encouraged Maree to attend Bastow’s Create: Middle Leaders program.

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Inspire: Local Leaders<img alt="Inspire: Local Leaders program" src="/Assets/Logos/Inspire-logo.png?RenditionID=7" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Local LeadersThe Building Local Leadership initiative is an important enabler of the Victorian Government’s Education State reforms, helping increase the number of quality leaders for school leadership roles.

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