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Regional Leadership ConferencesCurrent Page<a href="/leadership-initiatives/regional-leadership-conference">Read more about the Regional Leadership Conferences </a>1Regional Leadership ConferencesThe conference aims to build the strength of instructional leaders whose charge is to lead excellence in teaching and learning in their schools ...
Effective Family School PartnershipsCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=4">Read more about Effective Family School Partnerships</a>1Effective Family School PartnershipsThis 2 day workshop provide school leaders and teachers with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to work effectively with families.
Leadership for Business Managers Current Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=194">Read more about Leadership for Business Managers</a>1Leadership for Business Managers Develop your business management capabilities to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the educational support team in your school.
Risk ManagementCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=327">Read more about Risk Management</a>1Risk ManagementThis workshop gives you a practical guide to achieving school goals by using contemporary risk management practices ...
What is Bastow?Current Page<a href="/about-us/what-is-bastow">Read more about Bastow</a>1What is Bastow?Bastow offers innovative, evidence-based and highly relevant leadership professional learning and events ...




Create: Middle Leaders - Impact Case study<img alt=" Maree Magnabosco, Laurimar Primary School " src="/Assets/casestudy/IP022.20160603-A53I4924.jpg?RenditionID=12" width="176" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Middle Leaders - Impact Case studyRead more about Maree's story​Maree Magnabosco had already exhibited strong leadership qualities as year 6/7 transition teacher at Laurimar Primary School. As a way to build her capacity to lead both student learning and a significant restructure of the teaching team, the Principal, Jason McBean, encouraged Maree to attend Bastow’s Create: Middle Leaders program.

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Impact: Emerging Leaders<img alt="Impact: Emerging Leaders " src="/Assets/Rollups/impact.jpg?RenditionID=7" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Emerging LeadersGreat school leaders have a significant effect on student outcomes as their leadership influences the teaching and learning environment. This program develops your capabilities as a transformative emerging teacher leader and enables you to build a repertoire of practical strategies to improve your effectiveness as a school leader now and in the future.

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