Small School Reimbursements

​​​The processes central and regional offices use to distribute program or ‘targeted’ funding to schools will change from Term 3, 2017. Rather than the Department providing schools with ‘grants’ to pay for programs ahead of program delivery, a reimbursement model is being introduced.

A reimbursement is available to small Victorian government schools to support principals or acting principals to attend Bastow courses.

​​​​The reimbursement subsidises the costs associated with the employment of a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) to backfill the principal or acting principal while they are participating in the course.

For the purposes of this reimbursement, a small school is defined as a school with an enrolment of 100 students or less.

At the conclusion of the course, small schools can apply for a $300 reimbursement for each workshop day the principal or acting principal attended.

For example, if the participant attended four workshop days, the school will receive $1200 (4 days x $300 per day).

Current CRT daily rates from:

  • 1/2/2015 are $283.90 plus on costs
  • 1/8/2015 are $293.90 plus on costs.

It is the school’s responsibility to book and pay for the CRT and then apply for the Small School Reimbursement when workshop days have been completed.

Reimbursement claims must be made within 6 months of course completion and are subject to the course provider confirming the participant’s attendance at each workshop day.

The small school reimbursement is in addition to the Accommodation Reimbursement provided to schools 100km or more from the venue where a Bastow course is being delivered.

As part of the alignment with the Department’s ‘Schools Targeted Funding Governance Model’, the process for applying for these reimbursements has now changed. Participants/schools will now need to apply through Sharepoint.  

Please refer to Edugate for further information: (Requires DET login)

Bastow will continue to support schools with reimbursement of travel costs related to course attendance.

Please retain all tax invoices, receipts and CRT invoices and we will communicate further regarding DET’S reimbursement model once it is available.