Strategic Management for School Leaders

Strategic management is a critical factor in lifting organisational performance – the way we lead operate and make decisions. By effectively managing risk, utilising data and making well-informed and intentional resourcing decisions you can enhance the delivery and impact of your school strategic plan.

​​​​​​​This course is comprised of nine discrete modules which are delivered in association with other branches and divisions within the Department.

These modules support the Department’s commitment to the public sector values of integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, impartiality and responsiveness across the organisation.


These modules are suitable for substantive and acting principals, assistant principals and school leaders with management responsibilities across the module areas.

Modules offered throughout the year include:

Module 1 Introduction to Strategic Management

Managed by Bastow, this one-day module provides you with an opportunity to reflect on how strategic decisions can help you achieve your school vision encapsulated in your school strategic plan, and provides an overview of the other modules in the program.

Module 2 Law and Order

Developed and delivered by lawyers from the Legal Division, the module uses engaging and relevant case studies and provides plenty of opportunity for interaction and questions with the managers of the Children, Families and Education Law and Workplace, Discrimination and Disputes Units.

The aim of the module is to ensure that principals and acting principals are able to manage legal risks in schools and understand key legal concepts and obligations.

Module 3Bricks and Mortar​ (PDF - 343 Kb)

Developed by the Infrastructure and Sustainability Division, the Bricks and Mortar module provides technical leadership and training in the area of school asset management, including planned and reactive maintenance, compliance and safety requirements, and school capital works procedures.

Module 4 Finance Matters​

Developed by the Schools Resource Allocation Branch, Finance Matters builds your technical capabilities in financial management. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage school finances, based on the Department policy and best practice.

Module 5 Data Literacy

Developed by the Improvement and Accountability Branch, in collaboration with independent provider Silent Partners Learning Services, Data Literacy aims to improve your capacity to use the wide range of data sets available to schools to improve educational outcomes for students. The module focuses on the importance of evidence-based decision-making and the development of specific data literacy skills needed to analyse and effectively interpret currently available data.

Module 6 People Power

Developed by the Human Resources Division, this module focuses on practical solutions to managing your workforce successfully by developing a culture of high expectations, moving from vision to successful accountability using effective feedback processes and decision-making strategies.

Module 7 Safety Management for School Leaders

Developed by the Employee Safety and Wellbeing Branch, this module provides an overview of effective safety management within the school environment. Through presentations, discussions, case studies and group activities, the one-day program provides you with knowledge and skills to effectively manage safety and wellbeing.

Module 8 Workforce Planning

Developed and delivered by the Human Resources Division, this one-day module builds the knowledge and skills necessary to create an effective workforce plan. You develop a step-by-step overview of the workforce planning process and identify and consider a range of data and materials that enable you to build an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your workforce needs.

Module 9 School Governance

​​Managed by Bastow, this module is designed for principals (or aspiring principals) who wish to develop their understanding and skills in their role as Executive Officer of School Council. It therefore has a different focus to the Improving School Governance program that is currently available to school councils. You will learn to respond strategically to changing demands and challenges, and gain skills in handling both the technical and relationship management aspects of the role.​​