Leading Mathematics

A key Education State target is to lift achievement in mathematics by 25 per cent over the next five to ten years. This course will build the leadership capacity of your team to meet this goal with the aim of improving mathematics learning and standards of achievement for all students at your school.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Leading Mathematics is designed for both primary and secondary school teams, with a focus on developing the knowledge, capabilities and dispositions to lead and support collegial learning and change. Teams will be asked to collect and analyse a range of different evidence types, experiment with their practices and meet regularly at school to discuss insights and team learning. This will inform the development of a school-wide mathematics improvement strategy. 

Career Stage

Designed for vertical school teams that include up to four people, comprising:

  • A principal class co-learner committed to supporting and progressing their own learning as well as the learning of the team. They ensure that an evidence-informed, whole-school approach to change is developed and acted upon.
  • A respected teacher leader who has leadership responsibilities for maths or numeracy learning, or leads a team that designs for mathematics/numeracy learning. They are enthusiastic about embracing and bringing about change.
  • A classroom teacher (with leadership responsibilities or potential), who is keen to investigate, learn and further develop their mathematics practice and subsequently generate evidence of student learning that can be used to inspire their colleagues. They provide leaders with valuable insights into classroom and teacher learning as well as perspectives on what teachers need from leaders.

This team should be capable of leading and supporting adult learning and whole-school (cultural) change in mathematics by the end of the course.



Leading Numeracy - Impact Case Study

Leading Numeracy - Impact Case Study

Leading Numeracy gave Narissa Leung and her team the focus and confidence they needed to implement a new consistent, whole-school approach to numeracy. Now teachers and students are not only enjoying the boost in confidence, but also the improvement in outcomes.

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