Creating a High Performance Learning Culture

A Positive Climate for Learning is one of the four statewide priority areas identified within the Education State Framework for Improving Student Outcomes. How can your school build teacher capacity and a culture of trust and collective efficacy focused on improving outcomes for every student?

​​Creating a High Performance Learning Culture recognises the importance of emotional intelligence for building trust and creating a positive learning environment for both students and teachers. Central to the course is a pre- and post-course High Performance Learning Culture survey, that measures staff views on what underpins highly effective schools and school leaders. The results assist your team determine actions to improve the school climate, the quality of classroom teaching and student outcomes. Your team will draw on data, such as the School Level Report, Panorama Report or Attitude to School survey, to identify a school-based project investigating a key area of need such as literacy, numeracy or student wellbeing. ​

Career Stage

Designed for vertical school teams that include up to four people – the principal, assistant principal, leading teacher and classroom teacher.