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Neuroscience and EducationCurrent Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=585">Read more about Neuroscience and Education </a>1Neuroscience and EducationJoin us on May 9 for our Twilight seminar 'The literate brain – l​earning and literacy' with clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller
Open to Learning (OTL™) Leadership Internal Page<a href="/courses/open-to-learning-leadership">Read more about Open to Learning (OTL™) Leadership </a>1Open to Learning (OTL™) Leadership Based on the work of Professor Viviane Robinson, this two-day workshop will introduce you to the theory of OTL™ Leadership.​
Leading PedagogyCurrent Page<a href="/courses/leading-pedagogy">Read more about Leading Pedagogy</a>1Leading PedagogyThis course supports you and your team to design and implement integrated, whole-school approaches to pedagogy.
Communities of PracticeCurrent Page<a href="/communities-of-practice">Read more about Communities of Practice</a>1Communities of PracticeLifting student outcomes through networks by adopting a Communities of Practice approach to collaboration.
The Education State Current Page<a href="/about-us/education-state">Read more about the Education State and Bastow </a>1The Education State The link between strong leadership and quality teaching practice is clearly reflected in the Victorian Education State agenda ...



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Key: Framework for Improving Student Outcomes - School improvement initiatives

Community engagement in learningCommunity engagement in learning Excellence in teaching and learningExcellence in teaching and learning Positive climate for learningPositive climate for learning Professional leadershipProfessional leadership

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Coaching for Leadership Teams - Intake 5 (Traralgon) - Term 2 - 20172017-05-10T23:00:00Z2017-04-28T07:00:00Z for Leadership TeamsCoaching for Leadership Teams - Intake 5 (Traralgon) - Term 2 - 2017/courses/coaching-for-leadership-teamsGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 2591Traralgon
Coaching for Leadership Teams - Intake 6 (Wangaratta) - Term 2 - 20172017-05-21T23:00:00Z2017-05-05T07:00:00Z for Leadership TeamsCoaching for Leadership Teams - Intake 6 (Wangaratta) - Term 2 - 2017/courses/coaching-for-leadership-teamsGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 2592Wangaratta
Open-to-Learning™ Leadership - Intake 4 (Swan Hill) - Term 2 - 20172017-05-24T22:30:00Z2017-05-17T07:00:00Z™ LeadershipOpen-to-Learning™ Leadership - Intake 4 (Swan Hill) - Term 2 - 2017/courses/open-to-learning-leadershipGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 2568Swan Hill
Creating a High Performance Learning Culture - Intake 5 (Cranbourne - relocated from Berwick) - Term 2 - 20172017-05-24T23:00:00Z2017-05-02T07:00:00Z a High Performance Learning CultureCreating a High Performance Learning Culture - Intake 5 (Cranbourne - relocated from Berwick) - Term 2 - 2017/courses/creating-a-high-performance-learning-cultureGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 2556Cranbourne - relocated from Berwick
Leadership for Business Managers - Intake 2 (Ballarat) - Term 2 - 20172017-05-31T23:00:00Z2017-05-05T07:00:00Z for Business ManagersLeadership for Business Managers - Intake 2 (Ballarat) - Term 2 - 2017/courses/leadership-for-business-managersGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 2577Ballarat
Leading Pedagogy - Intake 3 (Shepparton) - Term 2 - 20172017-06-05T23:00:00Z2017-05-26T07:00:00Z PedagogyLeading Pedagogy - Intake 3 (Shepparton) - Term 2 - 2017/courses/leading-pedagogyGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 2468Shepparton