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The Education State Current Page<a href="/about-us/education-state">Read more about the Education State and Bastow </a>1The Education State The link between strong leadership and quality teaching practice is clearly reflected in the Victorian Education State agenda ...
Horizon: Thought Leadership #2Current Page<a href="/blog/horizon-thought-leadership-issue-2">Read Issue 2 of the Horizon: Thought Leadership  series</a>1Horizon: Thought Leadership #2Bastow's epub series, Horizon, aims to extend the thought leadership that is being generated around thinking, learning and teaching.
Create: Middle LeadersCurrent Page<a href="/case-studies/create-middle-leaders-impact-case-study">Read more about the Create: Middle Leaders - Impact case study</a>1Create: Middle LeadersBefore he entered the Create: Middle Leaders program, Ryan Oliver wasn’t convinced he had what it takes to be a leader.
Master of LeadershipCurrent Page<a href="/courses/master-of-leadership">Read more about Master of Leadership in Principal Preparation</a>1Master of LeadershipThis one-year Monash Masters Postgraduate course is a pathway to a high-performing principalship or curriculum leadership role.
UP: Principal PreparationCurrent Page<a href="/case-studies/unlocking-potential-point-cook">Read more about the Unlocking Potential (UP) - Impact Case Study</a>1UP: Principal PreparationFrom the first day of the program, Frank Vetere was completely re-engaged in learning and began to really see himself as a principal.



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Creating a High Performance Learning Culture - Intake 2 (Echuca) - Term 1 - 20162016-02-19T06:00:00Z a High Performance Learning CultureCreating a High Performance Learning Culture - Intake 2 (Echuca) - Term 1 - 2016/courses/creating-a-high-performance-learning-cultureGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 1253Echuca
Bastow Changemakers - Intake 1 (Mildura) - Term 1 - 20162016-02-16T06:00:00Z ChangemakersBastow Changemakers - Intake 1 (Mildura) - Term 1 - 2016/courses/bastow-changemakersGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 1281Mildura
Leading Literacy - Intake 3 (Bendigo) - Term 1 - 20162016-02-29T06:00:00Z LiteracyLeading Literacy - Intake 3 (Bendigo) - Term 1 - 2016/courses/leading-literacyGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 1310Bendigo
Strategic Management for School Leaders, Module 6 - People Power - Intake 2 (Benalla) - Term 1 - 20162016-03-07T06:00:00Z Management for School Leaders, Module 6 - People PowerStrategic Management for School Leaders, Module 6 - People Power - Intake 2 (Benalla) - Term 1 - 2016/courses/strategic-management-for-school-leaders-people-powerGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 1324Benalla
Strategic Management for School Leaders – Data Literacy - Intake 2 (Ballarat) - Term 1 - 20162016-03-08T06:00:00Z Management for School Leaders – Data LiteracyStrategic Management for School Leaders – Data Literacy - Intake 2 (Ballarat) - Term 1 - 2016/courses/strategic-management-for-school-leaders-data-literacyGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 1312Ballarat
Strategic Management for School Leaders – Introduction - Intake 1 (Berwick) - Term 1 - 20162016-03-02T06:00:00Z Management for School Leaders – IntroductionStrategic Management for School Leaders – Introduction - Intake 1 (Berwick) - Term 1 - 2016/courses/strategic-management-for-school-leaders-introductionGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 1311Berwick