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Courses now openInternal Page<a href="/courses/now-open" title="Apply Now">Apply Now</a>1Courses now openSubmit your application for courses commencing in Term 4, 2015
Leading Continuity of Early LearningCurrent Page<a href="/blog/lcel-case-study">Read more about Leading Continuity of Early Learning - Impact Case Study</a>1Leading Continuity of Early LearningWhen Justine Mackey & Susie Rosback first heard about Bastow’s course, they were convinced the content had been designed just for them.
Teaching Spelling - PrimaryCurrent Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=242">Read more about Teaching Spelling - Primary Schools</a>1Teaching Spelling - PrimaryThis two-day workshop focuses on approaches to spelling that will create better outcomes for your primary students.
Safety ManagementCurrent Page<a href="/courses/strategic-management-for-principals-safety-management-for-school-leaders">Read more about Safety Management for School Leaders​​ </a>1Safety ManagementThis one day program will provide school leaders with knowledge and skills to effectively manage safety and wellbeing.
Resistance to changeCurrent Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=219">Read more about Effectively Manage Resistance to Change</a>1Resistance to changeAnticipate and manage resistance to change in order to achieve intended outcomes with minimal stress and disruption in this workshop.



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Effectively Manage Resistance to Change2015-10-09T06:00:00Z PracticeEffectively Manage Resistance to Change/events/rprofessional-practiceGP0|#8efbe0cd-e26a-4483-8e73-f3c89beb02d9;L0|#08efbe0cd-e26a-4483-8e73-f3c89beb02d9|Short Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 4219Traralgon
Strategic Management for Principals - Data Literacy - Intake 2 (Bendigo) - Term 4 - 20152015-10-07T06:00:00Z Management for Principals - Data LiteracyStrategic Management for Principals - Data Literacy - Intake 2 (Bendigo) - Term 4 - 2015/courses/strategic-management-for-principals-data-literacyGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 4221Bendigo
Strategic Management for Principals - Data Literacy - Intake 4 (Geelong) - Term 4 - 20152015-11-05T06:00:00Z Management for Principals - Data LiteracyStrategic Management for Principals - Data Literacy - Intake 4 (Geelong) - Term 4 - 2015/courses/strategic-management-for-principals-data-literacyGP0|#756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360;L0|#0756c46dc-c313-41cc-ae66-4a9aadfd1360|Program;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 4223Geelong
Open to Learning Leadership - Intake 10 (Plenty Ranges) - Term 4 - 20152015-11-11T06:00:00Z to Learning LeadershipOpen to Learning Leadership - Intake 10 (Plenty Ranges) - Term 4 - 2015/courses/open-to-learning-leadershipGP0|#34760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857;L0|#034760062-0f53-46d8-93a0-ddb66827c857|Course;GTSet|#c012ce2e-3309-4421-8f06-b2b2e22b539d;GPP|#8a89d0f8-0863-4380-89f5-a738c84cac64Term 4239Plenty Ranges