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Leading with integrityCurrent Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=447">Read more about Twilight seminar: Leading with integrity in a complex world</a>1Leading with integrityTwilight seminar on Innovative leadership and cultural transformation with keynote speaker Dr Simon Longstaff on Tue 8 November.
Confusion, error and feedback Current Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=424">Read more about Horizon seminar: Confusion, error and feedback </a>1Confusion, error and feedback Keynote speaker Prof. John Hattie will lead a panel discussion exploring the importance of struggle in learning, and also how to embrace it...
Manage resistance to changeCurrent Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=434">Read more about Effectively Manage Resistance to Change</a>1Manage resistance to changeAnticipate and manage resistance to change in order to achieve intended outcomes with minimal stress and disruption in this workshop.
Communities of PracticeCurrent Page<a href="/communities-of-practice">Read more about Communities of Practice</a>1Communities of PracticeLifting student outcomes through networks by adopting a Communities of Practice approach to collaboration.
The Education State Current Page<a href="/about-us/education-state">Read more about the Education State and Bastow </a>1The Education State The link between strong leadership and quality teaching practice is clearly reflected in the Victorian Education State agenda ...



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Key: Framework for Improving Student Outcomes - School improvement initiatives

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