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Twilight: The Teaching & Learning ToolkitCurrent Page<a href="/professional-practice-and-events/display-event?eventID=626">Read more about Twilight: The Teaching and Learning Toolkit</a>1Twilight: The Teaching & Learning ToolkitLearn about how Evidence for Learning is helping to build the Teaching and Learning Toolkit in this seminar with Tanya Vaughan on 29 August
Coaching ConversationsCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=169-Coaching-Conversations">Read more about Coaching Conversations</a>1Coaching ConversationsThis interactive two day workshop is a foundational coaching skills program for educational leaders at all levels ...
Manage and Resolve ConflictCurrent Page<a href="/professional-learning/course?eventtemplate=163">Read more about Manage and Resolve Conflict </a>1Manage and Resolve ConflictDevelop the leadership behaviours to manage and resolve conflict in your school community in this one-day workshop.
Principal For A Day® Current Page<a href="/partnerships/principal-for-a-day">Read more about Principal For A Day®</a>1Principal For A Day® Principal For A Day® aims to increase understanding, awareness and partnerships between schools, businesses and the community ...
Communities of PracticeCurrent Page<a href="/communities-of-practice">Read more about Communities of Practice</a>1Communities of PracticeLifting student outcomes through networks by adopting a Communities of Practice approach to collaboration.




Shaping talent for the future<img alt="Shaping talent for the future" src="/Assets/Slides/IP022.161128-99995225.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="250" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> talent for the future​​In becoming the Education State, Victoria is committed to improving the outcomes of every student, in every classroom. Leadership is the cornerstone of great education systems, and the Department of Education and Training is developing better ways for principals to identify, develop and support individuals with high potential for leadership.

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Open-to-Learning™ Leadership<img alt="Open-to-Learning™ Leadership " src="/Assets/Slides/IP040.20160720-80021936.jpg?RenditionID=7" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />™ LeadershipBased on the work of Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson, this highly practical course introduces you to the theory of Open-to-Learning™ (OTL™) Leadership, which helps build a strong team culture and an environment of professional and relational trust. Practising OTL™ conversations strengthens your ability to lead your team in supporting improvement of teaching and learning, and students' social and academic progress.

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